One of the main reasons poker became so popular as it has become the “every day thing” to do rather than the “fun thing” to do for decades, is television. Everyone can watch television, and everyone loves to watch poker. It became the thing to do that certain people needed to do, and because of television everyone became more connected to each other through pressure. Before television, poker was something that was done in the old days, but with television, poker became something that was lived and seen and it became incredibly popular.

Today, another thing that has dramatically changed the nature of poker is the online gaming craze. Instead of playing with friends for a home game, in casinos or in sometimes intimidating land based rooms, today poker is in the form of online games. Online games have a lot of appeal than the typical games of poker that are played face to face with players parting ways all around the world. The biggest draw of online poker today is that it is played daily, all day, all night, and everyday, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t like it. In fact, online poker has become so big that promotions have been in the works.

Always Be Focused on the Table

When playing in a poker tournament, focus on your table and your opponents. Leave the rest of the games, e.g. TV, actually playing poker. It’s very easy to get carried away and let emotions become the main subject of the table rather than the poker game at hand. If you lose a pot, you may feel bad for a while, but in the long run if you’re good enough you will come out on top.

Many players tend to have a very hard time letting go of a hand, especially if it’s a made hand. They will tend to believe that they made the right move, and that if they would have stayed in the hand they could have possibly won. This can cause a player to lose a lot of money fast to playing a bad hand. When you’re playing live poker, making a bad decision will not get you booted out of the game. You will have quite a bit of chips saved up, and if you can continue to focus on the game, you will win big pots at regular intervals.

Slight bending of the rules in online poker games is not a big deal. You can still play for real money or for fun, but some sites allow blind play as well. If you choose to play for fun, make sure you know how to play the game. There’s nothing worse than losing a bunch of money because you played a hand that is completely against your odds.

Sites like All In Poker offer great software that will help you create your own strategy, and practice as many different styles of poker as you can. The ability to have a computer play poker for you will put you in tune with the game quickly, and make you a better player.

This is the final reason why playing poker on the Internet is a great alternate to playing in person. You can learn a lot more quickly, and play lots more games because the cards are dealt out quicker. Also, the limits are lower. You can play $0.25/$0.50 limit Hold ‘em games while in person you can only play $0.50/$1.00. The lower limit games are definitely easier to learn, and lower limit games means you can have a more consistent income.

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